Pediatric Scales

Exclusive! SR Scales feature Microban® antimicrobial product protection across our entire medical scale line-up of stand-on scales, wheelchair scales, and wall mount scales. And now we've now added a Touchless Weighing option to our stand-on scales.
Stand On Scales

Waterpark scales are used as a safety enhancement for waterpark rides. The built-in platform scales enable riders and staff to know that minimum and maximum weight requirements set by ride manufacturers have been met.
Waterpark Scales

SR Instruments has an established track record of providing OEM scale integration for manufacturers of hospital beds, exam tables, and other medical products where specialized weighing solutions are needed. You may not see the SR name on the outside, but our design solutions are on the inside.
Pet Scales

From Aardvarks to Zebras, we've got the right scales for you and your animals. Trying to gather weight data on pets, marine mammals, and zoo animals can be difficult. That's why veterinarians, zoo keepers, and aquarium managers have been relying on the design experts at SR Scales for over twenty years.
Zoo Scales