SR Scales Has Added A Touchless Weighing Option To Go Along With Our Antimicrobial Product Protection on Our Line of Medical Stand-on Scales.

For years, SR Scales have been powered by batteries giving these scales the ability to be easily transported from one location to another in a hospital or other medical facility.

Recently we've improved these products by including an AC power option along with our battery operation allowing you the best of both. By having AC powered capabilities, these scales remain always on allowing the caregiver to get a patient's weight without ever pressing any buttons. This not only makes their job easier; it also reduces the bioburden on the scales, especially when combined with our antimicrobial product protection.

If you need to move the scale; no problem; simply unplug the scale and it will continue to operate as it always has on battery power.

SR Scales now offers caregivers five touchless medical stand-on scale options when looking for professional medical scales that feature ease of use, touch-free weighing and antimicrobial product protection:

This winning combination makes SR the clear, unparalleled product of choice when looking for accurate and dependable professional medical scales.